The Anima Studio has just moved to secluded space within the mountains of West Coast Scotland. It is currently set within an elongated pyramid shaped room and sacred space and provides a perfect situation for working on music projects of a conscious nature. All electricity comes from renewable energy - a clean source of power that results in a cleaner sound. Ali is available by application to hire and assist with your recording/production requirements, and for commsioned projects.


Some of the outboard analogue equipment we now use in the studio includes a Cadac mixing desk (built for the Royal Opera House), Summit DCL-200 and TLA Ivory Valve Limiter/Compressors, TLA Mic Pre, Lexicon PCM91, Virus TI and a RME UFX for multiple channels of recording and playback possibilites.

Ali has written and produced 8 albums to date, along with a variety of other compositions and productions for other projects and people. If you feel inspired by Anima’s soothing and spacious sounds, we can also offer you assistance with the production and composition of partial or complete tracks, including bespoke backing tracks composed for meditation or relaxation CDs.

Click here to hear some examples

Ali has been involved in music his throughout his life and for the last 15 years he has been focusing on recording and production. His work has covered a variety of genres from dance music to spacious healing soundscapes; he has composed music for films, documentaries and a variety of backing tracks for spoken audio productions.

To hear his latest works, visit the music pages of this site and listen to clips of the most recent Anima albums.

The Anima studio along with Ali are availalbe for rent at half day or whole day rates:

Whole Day Recording (9am - 6pm)
Half Day Recording (9.30 - 2pm)
Mastering/Mixing £45 per hour
Music Composition Custom Quote

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