LA 852Hz Solfeggio Extended Music

LA 852Hz Solfeggio Extended Music - Awaken Your Intuition

Total Running Time - 43:32 mins

Each of the 6 tracks from the Sound Medicine album are now available in this special extended format.

This extended version of ‘LA 852hz’ from Anima's 'Sound Medicine' album has been made available to allow even deeper work with these transformative frequencies while sitting in meditation or facilitating massage or other healing therapies with an intention to work upon specific sets of issues.

The frequency 852hz is associated with the sixth Chakra, the third eye centre “Ajna,” meaning “to perceive.” This is the center of intuition, visualization, psychic sight, perception and the place of mind, unity, light and spirit. Ajna is located at the front of the head in between the eyebrows, and physically governs the eyes, vision, nose, central nervous system, brain and pituitary gland.

Each note in the solfeggio scale has specific healing properties and this recording will help you to awaken your intuition and connect with your inner light. It can also help with every day problems like headaches, lack of concentration, bad dreams, and nervousness, as all of these issues exist within the same vibrational energy.

These deeply healing sonic soundscapes embedded with the ancient solfeggio frequencies create a deep space for healing and alignment through offereing a continuous instrumental sonic journey into the ancient solfeggio tones, infused with an array of transformational instruments precisely attuned to enhance the healing effect.

These incredible tones each resonate to specific frequency that our original blueprint is composed from. Exposing ourselves to these frequencies helps to bring our bodies, cells and DNA back into balance. Different parts of our bodies and organs all have specific frequencies of optimum resonance (perfect state of health), and therefore listening to these tones allows the body to absorb and remember (know) its original blueprint, moving it back towards its prefect state of alignment and resonance (health).

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