Know for her "crystalline voice" and "music that penetrates the heart", Daniela's music is an offering of love, enfolding the listener in a tender embrace of the Sacred.

Daniela is the vocalist / songwriter of Anima, a sound healer, and practitioner of the healing arts. She has traveled and lived among indigenous cultures and healers of North and South America and Europe, immersed in the ways of ancient wisdom and harmony with Nature. These ways of being inspire her work, with a sensitive and unique approach to music and sound healing.

Daniela's music has evolved over time, from writing lyrical, poetic songs that speak of the journey of spiritual awakening, to her current work of devotional / prayerful songs and a unique style of singing 'the language of the stars', as in 'Keo Kiwa Na' (Temple of the Heart) and 'Peace' (Light of Aluna). She has collaborated with Ali on 7 of Anima's albums and is currently working on a new album as well as series of guided meditations. In concert, she offers a sacred space of healing and deepening into the heart, and has performed along with Ali and independently at events throughout the UK, Europe and the Americas.

A natural artist from a young age and growing up in a western culture with a strong sense that there was a deeper truth to life than what she experienced around her, she chose to study art, spirituality and religions throughout school and college, recognizing something at the heart of the teachings that spoke to her soul. She completed a BA (hons) degree in Fine Art at Bath Spa University, during which time she spent long periods of time in the woodlands, mountains and at ancient stone circles and sacred sites around the British Isles, receiving insights and teachings from the land and the ancient wisdom stored within the stones.

Daniela loved to sing from an early age, though it was when she went to America at age 22 that her work with music began to unfold. She stayed in North and South America for 3 years, living with a number of teachers and elders, learning traditional ways of healing, ceremony and living in harmony with the Earth. These experiences created a foundation from which much of her music and healing work has flowered and continues to grow.

Daniela now resides in the the Scottish Highlands, where as well as music, she works closely with the land, growing a medicinal forest garden and relationship with the Earth where the spirit of the plants, mountains and waters are honoured as living beings and worked with to co-create a place of harmony and sacredness.

Daniela has been practicing and teaching yoga, meditation and vibrational healing since 2005. She offers healing sessions in person and via Skype, and travels regularly offering sound healing concerts, workshops and retreats in the UK and abroad. For more information visit www.alunahealing.co.uk

"Our voice is the expression of our soul..may each sound be a sacred offering of love to the Divine. May we walk a path of light, in service to this sacred Earth.. For the waters, the mountains, the forests and rivers.. for all of Earth and each one of us"

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