Ali was drawn to music at an early age, and over the years, has developed a unique style of music that has attracted considerable attention, winning awards and international acclaim. The beauty and depth of his compositions immerse the listener in a world beyond time and space.

"Ali's music has an emotional eloquence which is both deeply touching and inspiring".

His musical work has been widely acknowledged for it's ability to bring about healing and the expansion of consciousness, and is contunuously requested for use in meditation and other self help audio recordings. Under 'Anima', Ali has produced 13 albums and are one of the first artists in the New-Age/Healing genre of music to record in DSD. (An extremely high resolution recording process that preserves the original, rich quality of the music) Recent notable commissions include two SA-CD's, released in Japan.

Ali's music is deeply inspired by his spiritual connection.. In his late teenage years, he found a great affinity with the ancient sacred sites of the UK, and he observed how when these special places were approached in a certain way, the ancient spirits of these sites would begin to reveal themselves, communicating through Nature. He was so moved by what he experienced, that he dedicated several years to spending intimate time alone with the sacred sites in the highlands and islands of Scotland, often embarking upon vision quests for weeks at a time in order to deepen his connection. Through this time spent with these ancient sites, he received initiations, transmissions and teachings on how and why modern day humanity has got lost, and the importance of living in spiritual alliance and right relationship with Nature and the Divine Mother and Father.

He spent the next few years travelling, where on these journeys connected with certain elders and indigenous people, who's ways of life and spiritual closeness to our Mother Earth were still very much connected. His journey took him to Asia, India and South America, where during this time he received further training and initiations in indigenous healing traditions and plant spirit medicine.

His work with sound and music is an extension of his healing work; and the music of Anima is now used by all kinds of people for a huge variety of healing and therapeutic work.

Ali himself continues to offer one to one sessions and group works and retreats. For more information on some of the services available, please visit Anima's sister site -

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